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Images may not represent actual product and finish
Images may not represent actual product and finish

Richelieu 1973022100 Hasp Lock

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Richelieu Hasp Lock
Part Number: RIC_1973022100
Availability: In Stock.
Richelieu 1973022100 Hasp Lock

Double your security with our hasp lock. Turn the k nob to engage the strike cam and lock with a padlock!

Advantages and benefits

Dual locking increases security. If somebody attempts to force the knob without removing the padlock, the knob detaches from the lock mechanism and stops the cam from rotating. Available in black and gray finishes to complement any furniture. An anti-twist washer allows the hasp to be anchored firmly in the wood.

Important information

Padlock not included. The loop of the padlock should have a diameter between 4-8 mm.


Ideal for lockers and similar applications.

Included products

2 right/left replaceable stoppers, 90° and 180°; 1 straight lever, 35 mm; 1 mounting screw with washer; 1 hex nut for installation on wooden furniture; 1 anti-twist washer for wooden furniture.


Ship via: Can Ship UPS

Finish: Grey

Hole Diameter: 19 mm

Material: Zamak and ABS

Product number: 1973022100

Product №: 1973022100

Unit 1: carton - 10

Unit 2: case - 50