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Images may not represent actual product and finish
Images may not represent actual product and finish

Richelieu 307145100 Office Furniture Design Caster

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Richelieu Office Furniture Design Caster
Part Number: RIC_307145100
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Richelieu 307145100 Office Furniture Design Caster

Design: Adriano Office furniture caster designed by Adiano. This hollow wheel caster will add a wow factor to your designs. Available with plate or friction stem, in two finishes.

Advantages and benefits

- Unique design with no central core
- 3 models available: with brake, without brake, and with automatic locking
- Also offered in two modern finishes: chrome and black or metallic gray and matte gray
- Rubber tread, nylon support, ABS brake
- Screw-in mounting plate comes with braked and brakeless models
- Self-locking version comes with an 11 mm x 20 mm quick-release pin
- Does not mark or scratch floors
- Dynamic load capacity of 50 kg (110 lb.) per caster.

For the self-locking version, the caster locks automatically when there is no weight on the chair or no one sitting on it, which adds an element of health and safety for work.

Important information

- Rubber tread
- Nylon support
- ABS brake


For indoor use only


Ship via: Can Ship UPS

Designer: Adriano Design

Fastening Type: Swivel with Brake

Finish: Metalic Gray and Matte Gray

Load Capacity Per Caster: Max. 50 kg

Material: Plastic, Rubber, Nylon

Mounting Plate Dimensions: 1 27/32 in x 1 27/32 in (47 mm x 47 mm)

Mounting Type: Plate

Product number: 307145100

Product №: 307145100

Recommended Surfaces: Carpet, Wood/Planking, Tile/Ceramic/ Linoleum

Total Height: 73 mm

Tread Width: 41 mm

Unit 1: case - 200

Wheel Diameter: 68 mm